Fees & Scholarship

Important Dates

September 29, 2017 Deadline for tuition fee payments
October 27, 2017 Deadline for justifiable tuition fee reimbursement applications

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The Students Who Are Exempt from Tuition Fee

  • Students with TC/KKTC nationality who are in the normal program duration for the daytime education
  • The students with scholarships which include tuition fee exemption during their normal education period
  • The research assistants who are studying in their graduate programs wthin normal duration of educaton
  • Children of martyrs and veterans throughout their education
  • Freshmen and transfer students who have TC/KKTC nationality or blue card
  • International students who have TC citizenship or blue card
  • Syrian citizens
  • Double major students are exempt from tuition fee payments for one more semester after their graduation for major program. (9th and 10th semesters)
  • The students who are within the scope of tuition fee exemption submit their documents for the related semester until the last day of interactive registrations to the Office of Student Accounts (Art and Science Dean’s Building/2nd floor).

The Students Who Need to Pay Tuition Fee

  • The students in normal programs who haven’t graduated within the normal education period
  • The International students
  • The double major/minor students who haven’t finished their double major/minor in normal education period
  • The students who register two different graduate programs
  • The students in evening programs
  • The students in international joint-degree programs
  • The students who registered in international student status
  • The International students (who are non-registered or registered through amnesty law) having Turkish origin who registered before 2010  

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The tuition fee procedures are carried out by Tuition Fee Office (Arts and Science Dean’s Building, 2nd floor). For any problem regarding tuition fee payments, students should visit tuition fee office.