1997-1998 I Atatürk Forest Farm Urban Design Project


Atatürk Forest Farm Urban Design Project

The design study carried out in the studio aimed to discuss the future of Atatürk Forest Farm (AFF) established by Mustafa Kemal Atatürk as a model farm to develop the techniques of modern agriculture and to provide healthy agricultural products for the new nation The purpose of the studio was envisioning some new development scenarios for the future of AFF.  Development of alternative strategies were considered due to end up the loss of agricultural land because of the new functions adapted through ignoring the agricultural character of the site.  Thus the resultant strategy aimed at protecting and sustaining the unique cultural characteristics making the Farm an ideal model. To that end, a structure plan was made to designate the main character areas in the Forest Farm, and to develop key policies for these sub-areas along with a management framework suggested for the whole area for future.

Studio instructors:  Baykan Günay, Adnan Barlas

Students: Banu Aksel, Nesrin Artar, Sinan Burat, Cansu Canaran, Mert Çubukçu, Ebru Demirayak, Seda Evis, Dilek İnce, Can Koyunpınar, Ruhan Köse, Serkan Mertyürek, Nalân Özkadif, Çelen Paşalar, Öykü Renklidağ, Bozkurt Yurdakul