1998-1999 I Barrier-free METU Urban Design Project


Barrier-free METU Urban Design Project

‘Barrier-free METU’ which was designed as a comprehensive master plan for the whole campus site was composed of a series of project areas. The major aim of the project was specified as re-organizing the campus pedestrian circulation to provide easy movement for the people having the disabilities of walking, blindness or low vision, by design. The critical point is that while designing such spaces the new form of space was considered to ensure the principles of universal/inclusive design approach, which would also equally increase the comfort standards of the wide array of users not having any disability.

Studio instructors:  Baykan Günay, Adnan Barlas, Umut Toker

Students: Resmiye Alpar, Sandro Capadona, H. Burcu Çıngı, Devrim Çimen, Onur Ergen, Sertaç Erten, Zeynep Genç, Emre Gönlügür, Atanur Osmançavuşoğlu, Özkan Karababa, Meltem Şenol, Ayşe Deniz Temiz, Serdar Uçar, Hande Uluğ