2000-2001 I METU Northern Cyprus Campus Planning and Design Project


METU Northern Cyprus Campus Planning and Design Project

In 2000, UD Studio was commissioned for designing Northern Cyprus Campus  of Middle East Technical University (METU NCC).  The project, which was eventually to be implemented, initially raised to two motivating questions: ‘spatial organization of the program-based education’ and ‘urban coding as a tool for flexible and multi-actor planning and design process’. For the new campus, TRNC Government allocated approximately 300 hectares of land near the village of Kalkanlı in Güzelyurt. To clarify plan and design strategies, master plan was supported with a detailed project report covering preliminary studies, plan development principles, construction program, and codes/guidelines referring to organisation of public space, architecture, landscaping.  The report, in this regard, became an important tool in the design and development of the internal projects via forthcoming architectural, landscape and urban design competitions.

Studio instructors: Baykan Günay, Erhan Acar, Özcan Esmer, Adnan Barlas, Türel Saranlı , Serdar Özbay

Students: Zeynep Aktuna, Ebru Aras, Funda Baş, Yener Baş, Aybike Ceylan, Ervin Dojce, Sevgi Hekimoğlu, Volkan Kepoğlu, Mustafa Kızıltaş, Abdulkadir Yazgan, Derya Yıldırım