2004-2005 I Gallipoli National Park and Ecebat Urban Project


Gallipoli National Park and Eceabat Urban Project

The project is about the redevelopment and expansion of Eceabat, which is a coastal town located in the northern side of the Dardanelles, just across the city of Çanakkale.  The major motivation of the project was constructed on the aimed integration between urban and rural areas. For this purpose, the project team proposed re-organization of the land to form ecological tourism zones, vineyards and olive groves. Additionally, stronger relationship between the water and the city was suggested by proposing a small marina that would introduce the sea into the city via extending the stream mouth.

Studio instructors:  Baykan Günay, Erhan Acar, Adnan Barlas, Serdar Özbay, Cansu Canaran

Students: Elif Demirbaş, Zeynep Eraydın, Emre Kabal, Onat Öktem, Miray Özkan, Özay Özkan, Murat Yazıcı, Utku Serkan Zengin