2008-2009 I METU Kosovo Campus Design Project


METU Kosovo Campus Design Project

In the term, 2008-2009, METU UD Studio worked on a campus project in Kosovo after the success of the Northern Cyprus Campus of Middle East Technical University (METU NCC) initiated beforehand. The project site had small settlements on all sides. Development of architectural and urban program has been the major work within the design process. The discussions on the programs provided insights on the academic strengths of METU as well as those of the contemporary practices. After an in-depth design-research, the idea of shared uses and facilities for different academic programs instead of individual buildings for each program was adopted as it provided great flexibility and potentiality for future growth. In the second phase, four development alternatives were suggested based on the two major models. Finally, six different projects were suggested for the campus.

Studio instructors: Baykan Günay, Erhan Acar, Adnan Barlas, Cansu Canaran

Students: Yiğit Acar, Hanaw Amin, Göktuğ Baysal, Can Efe Ertem, Murat Karamustafa, Merve Karatepe, Gökçe Oylum, Yonca Pehlivanoğlu, Erdem Pekpak, Ahmet Polat, Özlem Yalçınkaya, Aslıhan Yılmaz, Başak Yılmaztürk