2016 I Mars City Design: International Design Competition


Mars City Design: International Design Competition

Since METU UD Studio determined ‘futuristic urbanism’ as the major theme of the 2015-2016 academic year program, a group of student found the idea of participating in Mars City Design International Design Competition fascinating. The design team carried out an intensive design research on the design possibilities of colonizing Mars for future planetary habitation. The project called Dasein suggested a colonization process composed of seven phases (i.e. anchoring, seeding, techno, extraction, production, socialization and civilization) requiring different time limits. In each phase, the pioneering teams and task forces were to act as the generators of the settlement. For each stage of the development, a specific spatial program was written along with the certain design parameters for modeling the formation of the Martian settlements. The settlements called the collectives were considered responsive to the harsh conditions of the planet in the way of adapting its formation in a gradual manner.

Design team: Y. Baver Barut, Olgu Çalışkan, Eren Efeoğlu, Serdar Özbay, Ebru Şevik, Onur Tümtürk, Irmak Yavuz, Mert Can Yılmaz