2023 – 2024
Melissa TurgutUnderstanding Yedikule Urban Gardens as an Interstitial Space: The Potential of Commons to Transform an Undefined Urban SpaceDuygu Cihanger Ribeiro
Aygün AlbayrakMapping Minds, Charting Memories: Spatial Dimensions of Collective Memory in the METU Ankara Campus and Faculty of ArchitectureDuygu Cihanger Ribeiro
2022 – 2023
Zahida FaizIslamabad and Automobile Dependency: A Consequence of Modernist Urban Planning?Müge Akkar Ercan
Shiza MushtaqAssessment of Urban Heat: Approaching Walkability from a Multi-Scalar PerspectiveMüge Akkar Ercan
Begüm AlpdoğanUrban Resilience: The Impact of Residential Areas on Urban ResilienceBurak Büyükcivelek
Syed Muhammad Shajee Haider TaqviFrom Modernism to Neoliberalism: Analysis of the Transformation of Public Spaces in Islamabad with a Particular Focus on Public LibrariesBurak Büyükcivelek
Selen DemirezenMorphology in Design: Utilization and (Re)Production of Morphological Knowledge through Urban Design CompetitionsOlgu Çalışkan
Heval BingölThe Perspectives of Researchers Who Pursue a Bottom-Up Approach in the Field of Urban Design Regarding the Concept of Change AgentYücel Can Severcan
Berin GüneyThe Relationship Between Children’s Art Learning and the Spatial Characteristics of Art MuseumsAnlı Ataöv Demirkan
2021 – 2022
Yasin Yağız KayaA Post-Pandemic Reassessment of the New Urbanism PrinciplesMüge Akkar Ercan
Ekin Güneş ŞanlıA Comparative Research on Participatory Practices in Istanbul and AmsterdamYücel Can Severcan
Esra GürelSketching as a Method of Analyzing Urban Space, in Case of Ankara Yücel Can Severcan
Tuğçe SözerWater Sensitive Urban Design: A Transformative Approach as Part of the Urban Form Müge Akkar Ercan
Sena TemurerWomen’s Sense of Safety in High-Rise Mass Housing Estates: The Case of Kusunlar TOKI in Ankara, TurkeyYücel Can Severcan
Yağmur AşçıThe Relationship Between Children’s Neighborhood Attachment and Their Place Use: A Cross-Sectional Study in AnkaraYücel Can Severcan
Hadeel Husam Mohammad AbuzaidThe Impact of Physical Environmental Design on Users’ Sense of Safety in Open Spaces: Increasing Palestinian Refugees’ Sense of Safety in Open Spaces in Baqaa Camp in JordanYücel Can Severcan
Göksun YıldırımThe Impact of Neighborhood Places on Children’s Happiness: A Comparative Study from AnkaraYücel Can Severcan
Aybüke TufanMapping in Urbanism: The Role of Maps and Mapping in Urban Design ThinkingOlgu Çalışkan
Sahra GökInvestigating the Spatial Quality Perception of Open Public Space Users in Historical Touristic Places: The Case of Bellapais Monastery, Beylerbeyi Village, North CyprusMüge Akkar Ercan
Hareem FalakUrban Collision: An Analysis of the Built Form in the Case of Islamabad and Rawalpindi, PakistanOlgu Çalışkan
Yağmur ErişenThe Role of Urban Agriculture in Sustainable Urban Development, Creation of Social Bonds, and Community FormationMüge Akkar Ercan
Harmain RiazRegenerating Cultural Quarters in Pakistan: The Case Study of LahoreMüge Akkar Ercan
Ayşegül ErçinInteractions of Suburb Design, Suburban Life, and Popular Culture: A Comparative Study of Levittown-NY and Levent-Istanbul between 1950-1980Müge Akkar Ercan
Gizem ŞahinContributions of Web and Mobile Applications to Rural Development on the Basis of Product Management: A Case from GAP RegionBurak Büyükcivelek
Büşra SönmezCollage in Urban Design: A Critical Review of Design ThinkingOlgu Çalışkan
2020 – 2021
Fethiye ArslantaşDeveloping urban design inputs to enhance the functionality of green areas in cities from ecosystem services perspective: The case of Çankaya District in AnkaraMüge Akkar Ercan
Büşra İnceUrban stigma: A morphological investigation of the marginality in the cityOlgu Çalışkan
Zeynep Elif KarA generative typology for critical regionalism: An urban design perspective

Olgu Çalışkan

Gizem Demirkol ÇakalUnderstanding and measuring neighborhood attachment and knowledge of children in İstanbul

Yücel Can Severcan

Berçem KayaEvoking the city’s past, recollecting the citizen’s memory in a post-conflict urban setting: The case of Suriçi, DiyarbakirYücel Can Severcan
Safiye Bircan Işık DemirciEnergy performance analysis with relevance to urban formAdnan Barlas
Neslişah KesiciCrowd Oriented Public Space Approach on the Istiklal Street, Istanbul: Many People, in the Same Place, at the Same TimeAnlı Ataöv Demirkan
Sabrina ShurdhiCoherency of Urban Space: Analyzing the Street EnvironmentsOlgu Çalışkan
2019 – 2020
Solmaz Zare GharehgheshlaghiPublic art in public spaces: Tracking graffiti and mural art practices in contemporary TehranMüge Akkar Ercan
Nilay Nida CanInvestigating industrial heritage through value-based mapping of Zonguldak Central Scrubber AreaMüge Akkar Ercan
Zeliha Irmak BilirQuestioning the spatial boundaries in suburban residential sites in Ankara: The case of Koru Neighbourhood

Müge Akkar Ercan

Hira TariqDynamics of non-conforming spaces in a planned modern city: The case of France Colony in Islamabad

Müge Akkar Ercan

Cansu DemirPublic art in urban space: The case of Yeldeğirmeni, İstanbulOlgu Çalışkan
Hande GürsanThe forgotten value: A study on the restructuring urban fabric with waterAdnan Barlas
Elif Eda UzunoğullarıThe role of urban space in socialization and dissociation: Demystification of public spacesAdnan Barlas
Özge İdali ÖzdenStream daylighting: An operative landscape infrastructure for AnkaraAdnan Barlas
Özgü ApaydınA study on the energy efficiency criteria of green campus with a multi-scale approach: METU CampusMeltem Şenol Balaban
Gözde Güldal(Re)production of industrial terrain vague: The case of the national textile factory in AdanaNil Uzun
Atıf Emre BayındırIntegration of Industrial Heritage Areas into the City through Urban Design: The Case of Sümerbank Nazilli Textile Factory CampusBahar Gedikli
Burçin YorulmazEffects of Urban Tourism on the Historical Urban Space within the Framework of Urban Revitalization: The Case of Hamamönü, AnkaraSerap Kayasü
2018 – 2019
Duygu KalkanlıInvestigation of streets as ‘learning landscapes’ for children: the cases of AnkaraYücel Can Severcan
Maheen AbbasiSocial Implications of the Modernist Urbanism: Islamabad Master Plan by DoxiadisOlgu Çalışkan
Aslı Ceren MavikurtStreet as Playground

Ela Babalık

Kayhan KökenAssessment of recently developed inner city neighborhoods according to sustainable urban planning and design criteria: the case of Çukurambar M. Anıl Şenyel Kürkçüoğlu
Maheen AbbasiSocial implications of the modernist urbanism: Islamabad master plan by Doxiadis Olgu Çalışkan
Umut ArslanoğluThe role of spatial designer in the prestigious housing projects: the case of Ankara Olgu Çalışkan
Mert AkayAlgorithmic design control for plot–based urbanism: a model proposal in Turkish spatial planning context Olgu Çalışkan
Çağrım KoçerScale in urban design: the notion of scale in spatial design thinking Olgu Çalışkan
Ecem KutlayDifferent waves of coffee houses as third places and the use of information and communication technology devices in these settings: a cross-case study in Ankara Yücel Can Severcan
Burcu UysalSpatiality of Diaspora: representation of home on urban street in the case of Beyoğlu, İstanbul Yücel Can Severcan
Ilgın KurumAssessing mothers’ use of neighborhood open spacesYücel Can Severcan
Didem TürkSearching for place identity in post-traumatic cities: Diyarbakır Suriçi case Yücel Can Severcan
Mert Can Yılmaz Investigating actors and perceptions in the 
concept of smart city: The case of Hamburg.
Müge Akkar Ercan
Soghra Rashidi Analyzing safety toward a walkable campus: A case-study of Middle East Technical University (METU) Müge Akkar Ercan
Sinem GörücüCo-gnito as a serious game to understand users’ urban perception. Müge Akkar Ercan
Volkan ErInvestigating the morphological aspects of public  spaces: The case of Atakum Coastal Promenade in Samsun Müge Akkar Ercan
Esin Duygu DönerUrban regeneration: Enabling social  sustainability in historical quarters via adaptive reuse: Case of  Gaziantep historical quarter. Müge Akkar Ercan
Selen KaradoğanAn implementation of a new sustainable design  approach on public spaces: The case of Ulus Square. Müge Akkar Ercan
2017 – 2018
Ender İplikçiMoving-image as a means of reading the rhythms in the urban scene: the case of ‘City Symphonies’Bahar Gedikli
Samira Hokmabad GhoshouniIntegrated evaluation of urban regeneration projects: case study of Sulukule neighborhood in İstanbulAdnan Barlas
Sina RangrazUnfinishedness of place and the place-making projectAdnan Barlas
Onur TümtürkDesigning (with) complexity: improving adaptive capacity of urban form by designOlgu Çalışkan
Ebru ŞevikTerritoriality of heterotopia:
threshold as a condition of heterotopian space in the case of Emek district, BursaOlgu Çalışkan
H. Eren EfeoğluFuturist thinking in urbanism:
a retrospective & prospective view in the global context of transforming socio-economic structuresOlgu Çalışkan
Rüya ErkanDesign problematique of paired border citiesOlgu Çalışkan
Begüm SakarParametric modelling for the mitigation of urban heat island effect: a model proposalOlgu Çalışkan
Irmak YavuzCalyx: A Geomorphological Approach to Formation of Urban Space in the Context of AnkaraAdnan Barlas
Orxan Sekiliyev An assessment of the relationship between changes in the identity of Baku Bulvar and people’s identification with this setting Yücel Can Severcan
2016 – 2017
İrem BahçelioğluTransit oriented design and urban design: eskişehir caseEmine Yetişkul Şenbil
Damla KaragözAn Assessment of energy efficient and climate sensitive urban design principles: design proposals for residential city blocks in temperate arid and hot humid regionsOsman Balaban
Damla IşıklılarHeterotopic practice of space: taksim gezi park revisitedAdnan Barlas
Ayaz ZamanovDesigning the airport city: an international perspectiveEmine Yetişkul Şenbil
Şule DemirelReconceptualizing the gentrification process: the case of cihangir, İstanbulEmine Yetişkul Şenbil
Hakan ŞanlıReintegration of an inner-city industrial heritage to the wider urban context: the case of CermodernBahar Gedikli
Sadık Deniz Akman‘Parametric landscape urbanism’: a model proposal for operational frameworkOlgu Çalışkan
Çiğdem FındıklarThe role of festivals in urban identity: a study on the relationship between perception and experience of place; case of Şeb-i ArusMeltem Şenol Balaban
2014 – 2015

Enkela Alimadhi  
Defining ‘In-betweenness’ as a New Spatial Form: The Case of Durana, Albania. Müge Akkar Ercan
Leyla Mirjam ErolThe Archaeological sites as living components of the city the case of Ayasuluk Hill in Selçuk / İzmirMüge Akkar Ercan
2012 – 2013
Emre SevimRethinking roots of socialist cityÇağatay Keskinok
Meltem  GülcanChallenges of coastal resort towns regarding second home developments : the case of AyvalıkMüge Akkar Ercan
Selen SarıkulakChanging identity of public spaces : Güven Park in AnkaraMüge Akkar Ercan
2011 – 2012
Başak ZekaThe humanistic meaning of urban sequares: the case of Çayyolu Urban Square ProjectAnlı Ataöv Demirkan
Ebru ErenInconsistencies (problems of) between two dimensional graphics of (urban) design and its three dimensional (urban) formsAdnan Barlas
Erkan KertiSpace-errorAdnan Barlas
Şeyda YılmazAn Assessment on the link between sustainability and urban form : the case of GaziantepSerap Kayasü
Özlem YalçınkayaAssessing Ankara Metropolitan Municipality‘s public art approach in Ankara since the mid-1990sMüge Akkar Ercan
Nihan Oya MemlükInclusivity of public space : changing ‘inclusivity’ of an urban park, Gençlik Parkı, AnkaraMüge Akkar Ercan
Züleyha Sara BelgeIncreasing walkability capacity of historic city centers: the case of MersinMüge Akkar Ercan
Görsev ArgınChanging sense of place in historic city centers : the case of Antalya KaleiçiMüge Akkar Ercan
2010 – 2011
Can GölgelioğluUrban image and morphology of Kızılay (Ankara)Baykan Günay
Deniz KimyonAssessment of factory campus development in Turkey through an urban design perspective : the case of İskenderun Iron and Steel Factory CampusBahar Gedikli
Duygu CihangerTrees In The Urban Context: A Study On The Relationship Between Meaning And DesignBahar Gedikli
Hazal AtakSpatial attributes of learning environments that catalyze the mental and socio-psychological factors enhancing design students{u2019} creativityAnlı Ataöv
Işıl GülkökProduction of the sidewalks : the case of Atatürk BoulevardIşıl Gülkök
Mustafa Raşit ŞahinAnalysis of urban morphology in squatter transformation areasEmine Yetişkul Şenbil
Sıla ÖzdemirIntervening to urban decline by urban design tools in divided cities: LefkoşaNil Uzun
Parisa Ghadimkhani Increasing walkability in the public spaces of the city centers: The case of Tunalı Hilmi Street. Müge Akkar Ercan
Yonca PehlivanoğluUnderstanding perceptions regarding the aesthetics of urban public space: Tunalı Hilmi Street, AnkaraMüge Akkar Ercan
Yiğit AcarUrban transformation within the interface of design and administration: the case of izmir harbor districtMüge Akkar Ercan
2009 – 2010
Özge EngürSpaces of communication in high-rise residential buildings, Electronic resourceAdnan Barlas
Gülnar  BayramoğluPlanning and design criteria to make urban transport more sustainable: the case of BakuEla Babalık Sutcliffe
Nazli  SongülenSpace organisation in urban block : interfaces among public, common and private spaces based on Conzen method in BahçelievlerBaykan Günay
Deniz ÜstoğluAgriculture in urban areas as a socio-economic and townscape value : the case of RizeBaykan Günay
Hülya YorulmazLiveability in urban spaces : the case of Orhangazi Urban SquareSerap Kayasü
Aslan Eslami TaheriFunctional decline in the case of Salıpazarı, IstanbulNil Uzun
2008 – 2009
Gökçe OylumSpatial analysis of mass housing areas in DüzceNil Uzun
Hanaw AminTransformation of the Morphology of Sulaimaiah (Northern Iraq) from the Perspective of Ownership Patterns 
2007 – 2008
Selin ÇavdarPlace, Gender, Policy; Ladies’ Clubs in AnkaraBaykan Günay
Özüm İtezSituating and constructing the history, identity and spatiality of a settlement: the case of Başhüyük town in Konya provinceAli Cengizkan
Semra KöseSpatial Formation of the Interface between University and City; Consideration of the Interfaces of Ankara University and METU in their own ContextsBaykan Günay
Bilge SerinTaxonomy of Design Control ToolsBaykan Günay
Ender PekerRelationship Between Campus Open Space Design and Students’ Learning ExperiencesAnlı Ataöv Demirkan
Başak ZekaThe humanistic meaning of urban squares: the case of çayyolu urban square projectAnlı Ataöv Demirkan
Özge ÖzgürAn analysis of rail transit investments in Turkey: are the expectations met?Ela Babalık Sutcliffe
Emel KarakayaConstruction of the republic in city space: from political ideal to planning principlesÇağatay Keskinok
2006 – 2007
Serhat CelepAssessment of sub-center development: Batikent, AnkaraBaykan Günay
Çiğdem HacıoğluSpatial requirements of fire stations in urban areas: a case study of AnkaraAdnan Barlas
Melda TanrıkuluEnvironmental performance of urban patterns in terms of their ecological footprintAdnan Barlas
Fuat KaragüneyThe problem of eligibility of uncertified gecekondu possessors in urban transformation implementations in Turkey: the case of Ankara Dikmen valley 4th and 5th phases urban transformation and development projectSerap Kayasü
Berk KesimThe boulevard as a communication tool; Atatürk BoulevardAdnan Barlas
Elnaz TorabiImproving urban facades as an intervention into the built environment the case of façade improvement application along the protocol highway of Ankara, a route from Aydinlikevler district to Esenboğa AirportAdnan Barlas
Vildan SeçkinerCinematic representation of gecekondu as an urban memoryGüven Arif Sargın
Seda DuzcuThe assessment criteria of urban regeneration projects: The case of the Fener-Balat districts in Istanbul.Müge Akkar Ercan
2005 – 2006
Melda Açmaz ÖzdenPlanning for sustainable communities in suburban residential Neighbourhoods: the case of Ümitköy, AnkaraMüge Akkar Ercan
Semih KelleciInvestigating the publicness of administrative spaces and a case study in Bakanlıklar District : AnkaraAdnan Barlas
Eser KökenProcesses and strategies of new central business district development and public space patterns: Levent-Büyükdere AvenueAli Cengizkan
Neslihan Kulözü“Transformation of Public Space: The Case of Hacıbayram Square”, June 2008.Baykan Günay
Meltem Şentürk“ Consolidating the Image of the City: Mobile Phones and New Identities of Meeting PlacesAdnan Barlas
Ebru UğuzTransformation of collective memory in the case of Ankara Atatürk BoulevardAnlı Ataöv
Ahmet ÜnverPeople’s Experience of Urban Lighting in Public SpaceAnlı Ataöv
2004 – 2005
Elif Demirbaş“Agri-tourism : as a new element of rural development”Baykan Günay
Zeynep EraydınBuilding a legible city : how far planning is successful in AnkaraAdnan Barlas
Emre Kabal“The Role of Design Brief in Urban Design Competitions”,Baykan Günay
Miray Özkan”Transformation of the Arcades in Beyoğlu”, .Baykan Günay
Özay ÖzkanElective: Strategic way of design in Rem Koolhaas’ parc de la villette projectBerin Gür
Murat YazıcıLand-cut versus Land-fill as an Alternative for Creating Urban Space on WaterfrontsBaykan Günay
Utku Serkan ZenginUrban Conservation as an ownership Problematic: Zeyrek – IstanbulBaykan Günay
2003 – 2004
Özgül AcarProduction Of Urban Space In The Southwestern Periphery Of AnkaraNil Uzun
Burcu BakırcıoğluAn Analysis of Street as a Shopping Precinct: Tunalı Hilmi Street vs Shopping CentresEla Babalık Sutcliffe
Özlem BalkanArchitectural spaces of innovation the case : METU TechnopolisSevin Osmay
Tümay ÇinTransformation of a Public Space in İstanbul: The Eminönü SquareCana Bilsel
Deniz ErtekSymbolic meaning of cemeteries for users: Karşıyaka Cemetery caseAnlı Ataöv
Yücel Can SevercanRegeneration problem of the Maltepe gas and electric factory landscape within the context of conserving the industrial archaeological heritageAdnan Barlas
Eda ÜnverSustainability of cultural heritage management : “Keklik street and its surrounding conservation and development project”Anlı Ataöv
Serkan YaşdağAchieving a Pedestrian Oriented Transportation System in AnkaraBaykan Günay
2002 – 2003
Açalya AlpanIntegration of urban archaeological resources to everyday life in the historic city centers Tarragona, Verona and TarsusNuman Tuna
Aslıhan ÖzaslanUrban balconies as public open areas a case study: BursaAdnan Barlas
Cem EkizNew space organization and development alternatives in METU-TECH (METU Technopolis)Melih Pınarcıoğlu
Doğan DursunDifferent forms of global integration of film industry: the case of İstanbulAyda Eraydın
Ebru BingölA quality of life perspective to urban green spaces of AnkaraMelih Pınarcıoğlu
Şebnem Arbak  (Erdem)An Analysis on the Transformation of Urban Identity: Case Study of BodrumSerap Kayasü
Umut CırıkA design problem of under-utilized spaces: the case of Ankara-old industrial districtSevin Osmay
Valbona KociSpatial transformations of the waterfront-as an urban frontier case study: Durres a port cityGüven Arif Sargın
2001 – 2002
Mert AkitPedestrian experiences in Bahçelievler 7th Street: setting the design criteria for the enhancement of urban public realmCana Bilsel
Özgür AlmaçProblems caused by coastal law and decision making mechanism in small coastal settlements: case study Muğla-BozburunAdnan Barlas
Deniz AltayUrban spaces re-defined in daily practices: the case of “minibar”, AnkaraGüven Arif Sargın
Ebru Aras MiroğluThe transformation of urban space at the conjunction of the old and new districts: the city of AleppoGüven Arif Sargın
Yavuz Selim BarbarosCreation of the commercial node: Söğütözü, AnkaraBaykan Günay
Aslı ÇakanCentral Business District problems in Ankara: Transformations in Kazıkiçi BostanlarıBaykan Günay
Olgu ÇalışkanUrban compactness : a study of Ankara urban formBaykan Günay
İrem Erdem AlmaçTourism development and spatial organization: Antalya – Belek caseÇağatay Keskinok
Feray KocaUrban growth and conservation problematic in Muğla, KarabağlarAdnan Barlas
Hayal MemikAn evaluation of the changing approaches to children’s play spacesSerap Kayasü
Banu ÖzberkThe evolution and evaluation of the fenaket megaroid dwellings: a seasonal hamlet in western Bozburun peninsulaErhan Acar
Metin TopçuSpatial variation of apartment housing in AnkaraAli Türel
2000- 2001
Zeynep AktunaRe-reading the social context of apartment block development in İstanbul: 1889–1922Murat Güvenç
Ebru ArasThe transformation of urban space at the conjunction of the old and new districts: the city of AleppoGüven Arif Sargın
Funda BaşWaterfront revitalization: a new challenge for urban developmentBaykan Günay
Yener BaşDesigning urban space with the tools of the development legislationAdnan Barlas
Aybike CeylanStructural tools in the making of cities: form as a development control mechanismAdnan Barlas
Ervin DojceProperty relations and urban space in Albania before, during and after socialism: A case study on the city of PogradecBaykan Günay
Volkan KepoğluThe contribution of geographic information system to the urban planning process in TurkeyÇağatay Keskinok
Mustafa KızıltaşThe Dilemma of Flexibility in the Spatial Development of Science Parkas: The Case of METU Technopolis”, December 2006Baykan Günay
Derya YıldırımDesign problems of AOÇ as a public propertyBaykan Günay
1999 – 2000
Cenk AtunCultural tourism-led urban revitalization in the walled city of Lefkoşa 
Banu BedelSustainable urban design in earthquake prone areas: Gölyaka as a caseCana Bilsel
A. Pınar GedikliThe transformation of urban waterfronts in Istanbul and evaluation of the golden horn arsenals.Cana Bilsel
Metehan GültaşlıThe territorial sense in sidewalks: A case study in Kumrular street, Ankara.Sevin Osmay
Ebru GürlerA comparative study in urban regeneration process: The case of IstanbulÇağatay Keskinok
Tuncay KayaPost evaluation of physical planning experience of Ankara: 1957 plan of Uybadin-YücelAdnan Barlas
Filiz Kırsakal“City image and metro, case study: Batıkent metroAdnan Barlas
Enver KolaçA new campus for Middle East Technical University in the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus: Educational program and design issuesÖzcan Esmer
Bige ŞimşekA study on recent approaches in the production of public parks in western citiesGüven Arif Sargın
Umut YılmazProcesses and tools of housing redevelopment in urban designAdnan Barlas

1998 -1999
Resmiye AlparDivided cities: physical and social restructuring of Lefkoşa, Cyprus.Melih Pınarcıoğlu
Sandro CapadonaThe urban reconstruction process of “The Konak Square” (Izmir) : a historical studyYıldırım Yavuz
H. Burcu ÇıngıRelation between shopping centers and the urban quality: transformation of retail space organization in relation to changing consumption patternsMelih Pınarcıoğlu
Devrim ÇimenPedestrian and vehicle conflict in third dimension: the legitimacy problematic of Meşrutiyet Street in the context of pedestrian platform net.Baykan Günay
Sertaç ErtenDesign with proper use of spatial standardsAdnan Barlas
Zeynep GençHousing production processes: can user-oriented methods of production replace the conventional ones?Erhan Acar
Emre GönlügürThe new urban segregation: the rise of gated enclaves in İstanbul.Güven Arif Sargın
Atanur OsmançavuşoğluUrban transformation process: Ulus historical center planning project.Baykan Günay
Özkan KarababaCity and collective memory: Urban projects in the Hacıbayram areaCana Bilsel
Meltem ŞenolThe Role of climate and geomorphological structure of city macroform: a case study on Ankara macroformBaykan Günay
Ayşe Deniz TemizSpatial transformations within the historical centre of Izmir: representations of space and representational typologiesGüven Arif Sargın
Serdar UçarChanging understandings in the space organization of a university campus: The Middle East Technical UniversityCana Bilsel
Hande UluğThe role of political concepts on planning and design process of new capitals: a comparative study.Çağatay Keskinok
1997- 1998
Banu AkselIs a commercial complex an urban center? A case study: Bilkent Center AnkaraR. Raci Bademli
Sinan BuratGreen belt as a planning tool and green belt of Ankara.Adnan Barlas
Cansu CanaranUrban design in earthquake prone settlementsAdnan Barlas
Dilek İnceAnalysis of shopping activity and its spatial organizationBaykan Günay
Serkan MertyürekDetermination of user awareness and appreciation on the issues of urban design in the specifics of housingAli Türel
Nalân ÖzkadifAn evaluation of townscape vocabulary as a design tool for shaping today’s urban environmentsBaykan Günay
Çelen PaşalarBauhaus: Reconsideration within the framework of German idealismBaykan Günay
Öykü RenklidağThe urban park: an extension of nature and urban cultureBaykan Günay
1996 – 1997
Volkan AkkoyunluThe role of land readjustment in urban designBaykan Günay
Neslihan ArtarThe impacts of telecommunication technologies on urban spaceAdnan Barlas
Duygu BorazancıProactive Approach to Urban Design – Case Study: South Shoreditch / Hackney, LondonBaykan Günay
Tolga LeventPedestrian zones as communication environments case study: Yüksel pedestrian zone – AnkaraBaykan Günay
Serdar ÖzbaySustainable solid waste management in campus: METU Campus as a case studyAdnan Barlas
Hilal ÖzcanA holistic approach to evaluate the neighborhood conceptÇağatay Keskinok
Sinem ŞiranlıUrban design as process design: An evaluation of Ulus historical centre planning and urban design experiencesErhan Acar
Umut TokerTechnopoles as high technology workplaces: A ‘new’ workplace?Yıldırım Yavuz
Mesure TüzünAn analysis of sexual discrimination in designed areas of modern planningErhan Acar
Fariha Amjad UbaidKarachi: Some steps in experiencing KarachiOğuz Işık
Tolga ÜnlüUrban coding as a tool to control urban formBaykan Günay
Fikret ZorluThe role of traffic network design in circulation systems and in the formation of urban patternsBaykan Günay