2020-2021 UD502 | Sustainable Green Urbanism (SGU)


Sustainable Green Urbanism (SGU)

The world is struggling with several crises due to the growing population, consumption, production, migration and urbanism, environmental degradation, global warming, biodiversity loss, sprawling land consumption patterns, and the emerging COVID-19. The protection of natural resources and environments has become more important in saving our Planet to provide a much better future for new generations. Cities must play critical roles in finding new, alternative sustainable and nature-friendly solutions to tackle these problems.

As the theme of UD 502 Urban Design Studio II, we selected Sustainable Green Urbanism (SGU) in order to capture the environmental dimension of urban sustainability in the Çayyolu district of Ankara. The student groups developed their projects under six major SGU agents that they suggested: Connectivity, Urban bio-diversity, ProdActivity, Dynamic City, Dynamic Urban Model, and Energy.

We congratulate and thank our Urban Design master students for their tremendous efforts, hard work and dedicated projects throughout the Spring term 2021 despite the pandemic and online education difficulties. This term has been a great learning and discovery opportunity for all of us. We are so grateful to our respectful jury members (Olgu Çalışkan, Burcu Çıngı Özüduru, Esin Duygu Döner, Sertaç Erten Çimen, Faruk Göksu, Can Kubin, Oya Memlük Çobanoğlu, Oktan Nalbantoğlu, Mehmet Nazım Özer, Fethiye Yaşar, Uğur Zeydanlı) for their contributions in the interim and final juries that helped us advance the final products.

Studio instructors: Müge Akkar Ercan (coordinator), Yağmur Erişen and İrem Duygu Tiryaki

Students: Begüm Alpdoğan, Nazlı Altıok, Heval Bingöl, Berin Güney, Zahida Faiz, Shiza Mushtaq, Oğuzhan Öztan, Harmain Riaz, Dilara Sungur, Damla Şahin, Aslı Seray Uysal