FINAL JURY_2020.Fall

The final jury of the ‘Industrial Urbanism’ Studio conducted by METU MUD and MARCH programs in collaboration with Policy Analysis Lab (PAL) was held with the contribution of the visiting jury members, Orhan Aydın and Adem Arıcı (OSTİM OIZ), İsmet Üstündağ, Atakan Yalçınkaya, Ahmet Zeki Topdemir (BAŞKENT OIZ) on January 6, 2020.

Under the theme of the studio course, six group projects searching for alternative strategies for the development and transformation of the organized industrial zones (OIZ) in Turkey. The projects opened up an intensive collective discussion on the planning and design principles for the policies of future industrial development along with the corresponding conceptual models of the new typological solutions in both architectural and urban context.