Following the studio course conducted under the title of ‘Futurist Urbanism’ in 2015-2016 Academic Term, METU MUD Program organized an exhibition titled ‘FUTURE ANKARA’ with the institutional corporation of GOETHE Institut – Ankara in January 2017.

With reference to the main title, the exhibition consisted of five thematic works presented in English, Turkish and German in the form of illustration panels, solid-models, installations and video animations. With the richness of the representational media, the exhibition aimed to generate a strong imagination on the future forms and spaces of human settlements in the context of Ankara. Though the authors of the works are all designers, the exposed materials in the exhibition were not design of a city. They were not artworks, either. They were basically urban speculations supported by the fundamental theory of spatial design.

Having been open between 14-27 January 2017, the exhibition ‘Future Ankara’ received a serious attention and positive reaction from practitioners, students and the public.

Exhibition Catalogue

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