2004 I Pananos Beach Urban Design and Landscape Project Competition


Pananos Beach Urban Design and Landscape Project Competition

In 2004 semester break, under the supervision of Baykan Günay, a group of students at Urban Design Studio proposed a project for ‘Pananos Beach Urban Design and Landscape Competition’. As a part of greater wetland system, the waterlogged soils were the primary issue effecting the environment and the associated plant and animal life. In the project proposed by METU UD Studio, protection of nature was the precondition for sustainable coastal development in order to o strike a balance between demands for development and the critical natural assets. The project primarily questioned to reinvigorate the underused marshy land, natural environment as a public focal point. The aim was to design a new urban park that complemented the qualities of the existing physical context and provide a place where people explored different leisure activities.

Design Team: Özgül Acar, Özlem Balkan, Adnan Barlas, Seda Duzcu, Baykan Günay, İlker Otman, Yücel Can Severcan, Serdar Özbay