2010-2011 I Kızılay Urban Design Project: Reproduction of Kızılay as a ‘Central Business and Art District’


Kızılay Urban Design Project: Reproduction of Kızılay As A ‘Central Business and Art District’

In the academic term of 2010-2011, Kızılay district, the center of Ankara was the main study area to discuss the concept of ‘Central Business District’ and the differing meanings of urban transformation. The studio projects made during the year not only focused on a specific scale or a space, but tried to grasp diverse urban problems affecting the city center. Those problems made Kızılay to scream for the help to change its course of recent urban history. In the context of METU UD Studio, this help was to be provided by (re)consideration of already established concepts of urban planning and design and (re)construction of historical and unique social and physical qualities of Kızılay. The aim in (re)consideration and (re)construction of the city center was to transform the district into; a locus as the city center providing spaces for vital social and urban life and a focus with an accessible and diverse urban value.

Studio instructors:  Baykan Günay, Cansu Canaran 

Students: Hazal Atak, Duygu Cihanger, Can Gölgelioğlu, Işıl Gülkök, Deniz Kimyon, Ali Uğur Mucukgil, Aslıhan Oktay, Sıla Özdemir, Mustafa Raşit Şahin, Soghra Rashidi, Özge Uysal, Burçin Yorulmaz