2012-2013 I Urban Transformation and Design Explorations Along Ankara Railway


Urban Transformation and Design Explorations Along Ankara Railway  

Ankara Railway, which is located on the east-west oriented section of the city, and the areas which are under the influence of the railway were designated as the main study areas at the METU UD Studio in 2012. After defining and analyzing different transformation types in detail, the students composed four design groups. The group made analyses and generated a series of ideas about the relationship between the city and the railway. The first semester projects took the whole city into consideration with a special focus on Ankara railway. In the second semester, students work individually and each student came up with his/her design solution in consideration of the macro urban structure. Eventually, the Ankara railway was envisioned as the spine for the revitalization of the city. The main objective of all the projects was to integrate the railway into the city, as an activator rather than acting as a separator.

Studio instructors: Baykan Günay, Cansu Canaran

Students: Enkela Alimadhi, Celalettin Apak, Tuba Arslan, Gizem Aydın, Şule Demirel, F.Gülhun Duran, Saeideh Farnian, Sema Fırat, Hadi Javani, Zeynep Murat, Nihan Özdöver, Emre Sevim, Hakan Şanlı, Solmaz Zare