2014-2015 I ‘Rulling the City’: Parametric Urban Design Coding


‘Ruling the City’: Parametric Urban Design Coding

METU UD Studio held in 2014-2015 academic year conducted a design research on urban coding. The study mainly focused on morphological urban design rules to generate complex urban fabrics. To test the operational relationship between the code and the design process, several hypothetical modeling studies were made within consecutive workshops called ‘design by code’ and ‘coding by design’. For that purpose, a ‘code index’ constituting the parametric components of the basic elements of urban form was defined. The index provided the necessary vocabulary for the formulation of urban codes that require the reciprocal relationship between the morphological elements of urban form. The use of codes was tested on a real context in Istanbul, Turkey by selecting regular urban blocks which are subject to be transformed on a multiple-property ownership pattern.

Studio instructors: Baykan Günay, Adnan Barlas, Olgu Çalışkan, Cansu Canaran, Ezgi Balkanay

StudentsDeniz Akman, Merve Başak, Juan Diaz, Damla Karagöz, Kayhan Köken, Ilgın Kurum, Burcu Uysal, Elif E. Uzunoğulları